The Witches Workshops

21st August 2021 Petrie School of Arts and Petrie Park
1014 Anzac Ave, Petrie 2 pm to 9 pm

2pm – Introduction to Chaos Magic Pt 1 – Caleb James Osborne … READ MORE

3pm – Living Witchery: Beginner Witch Guide book launch – Sandra Greenhalgh … READ MORE

4pm – Divine Connection through the Womb – Zora Arthur … READ MORE

5pm – Introduction to Chaos Magic Pt2 – Caleb James Osborne ... READ MORE

5pm – Best Dressed Walk – Dress up and have fun … READ MORE

5pm – Tarot for Beginners – Lauren Sietzema … READ MORE

6pm – Energy Reading Using a Crystal Pendulums – Aileen Burt … READ MORE

7pm – Make your own Armotherapy Bracelet – Dominique Bonavita … READ MORE

7pm – Learn how to paint an illuminated Tudor Rose – Nadia Ozanne … READ MORE

8pm – Bouncharra Drum Journey – Naomi Kennedy … READ MORE

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