Robert W Reeves is a palmist and tarot reader with a passionate belief in the profound life-changing impact’s that emerge from authentic guidance received from the Spirit World. His readings are founded on the traditional meanings and interpretations of hand shape, finger shape, palm features and of course the lines on the palm. He also considers the dermatoglyphics or the skin ridge patterns on the fingertips and on the palm.

He works psychically to tune in to your auric field, allowing intuition to guide interpretations and assessment of what is most important for you in this moment. Palm readings are best suited to understanding the broad shape of life choices, character, career, love life, where strengths and weaknesses lie in character, where skills and interests can be profitably pursued, and where attention is needed in order to avoid health issues. They can assist in illuminating your way of giving and receiving love, the need for self-expression, how security is experienced, and styles of communication. Understanding and accepting one’s self is a key to profound healing, and palmistry is a unique tool for doing this