From a Young Age, I always knew there was something different about me. I could sense things. I could sense Others feelings, I grew up in a very loving and giving family. but from age 8-13 I experienced some serious trauma from a family friend. Out of this my gifts were heightened and I was blessed with Clairaudience. Those feelings grew heavier as I spoke with people and I realised I was an Empath as well. So at the age of 18 I took my self off to see a psychic who validated my own thoughts about being psychic. I went and bought some tarot cards and spent 12 years playing with them. 

12 years on since this all happened I am an avid Tarot, Oracle and Empath Reader. I am an Experienced Clairaudient Psychic, A Spiritual Reverend of Mana Atua Spiritual Gatherings and Currently learning Mediumship and Medical intuition. 

I absolutely Love what I do, I truly enjoy reading for those who seek me out. 

Light and love D xx